Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Do Not Ask for Whom the Bell Tolls, Quasimodo

Sitting through a three hour stage performance of The Hunchback of Notre Dame being sung in Korean is equivalent to being five years old and watching Hamlet. I spent hours without understanding much of anything. And then everyone died.


  1. I *just* caught up on your blog today, haha. I keep coming here and reading a bit and then getting distracted and eventually forgetting about the page and shutting my computer down. I hope you're having an amazing time!!


  2. Sidenote: you look hilarious in that picture. haha

  3. Hilarious? Oh, no. I was going for tragic and disfigured. ; )

    I *am* having an amazing time. Thanks for commenting. It's funny because I don't think Casey's even read any of my posts.

  4. Casy is scatterbrained and forgetful at best when it comes to keeping up with blogs/webcomics/Facebook... believe me, I've tried, haha. I'll give him a prod in the right direction..