Monday, September 7, 2009

Seafood Surprise

[Actual Date: August 21, 2009]

I went out to dinner with my teacher friend from Yonsei, Michelle, and ordered a heaping plate of seafood surprise. I'm not sure what the dish is actually named, only that I was trying to order noodles and –surprise! – jiggly little bits of seafood were included at no extra cost. Of particular interest was a baby octopus. As you can see from the photos, it was not as tasty as it looked. (And if you can't clearly see the photos, let it be known that it did not look so tasty in the first place.)

Just to amuse myself, I try to imagine how I must appear to the Koreans. Imagine the same scenario in the U.S.: A foreigner wanders into a restaurant without knowing any of the language, not even knowing enough words to order food. She sees someone else's plate of food and points to it. When her own food then arrives at the table, she pokes at it and giggles. Before eating her meal, she proceeds to take about a dozen photos of it. That weirdo foreigner is me.

Moral of the story: Never make fun of dumb foreigners. You may become one of them . . . if you are lucky.


  1. Did you get new glasses? Cute!

    Totally off subject, I know, but you at least know we're reading! (never fear)


  2. At least the octopus was small! :)

    How has the rest of the food been? How "fake" does the Korean food in US taste/look compared to authentic Korean cuisine?


  3. Thanks for noticing the new glasses, Janna. :)

    Actually, Steve, the Korean food I had in MI tasted authentic -- I frequented a restaurant in Ypsi run entirely by Koreans, after all -- but they didn't give out nearly as many free side dishes as the restaurants do here. Yay for free side dishes! The restaurant in Ypsi also doesn't have the enormous variety.